Xingjian Han == Jessie,

Luoyang --> Seattle --> San Francisco --> Philadelphia

Why Math? --When it provides a foundation for the logic establishment. I consider Math as another type of philosophy. Its essence of questioning the existing world forces people to return the origin and find out the reasons behind everything.

Why Graphics? --When visualization is what I'm pursuing. Seeking for reality in the abstract concept of Math, graphics become a visual interface of outside information and our brain. It realizes what we see in the real world, and make it reproducible and shareable with others. And it's cool.

Why Film? --When it makes me feel the world. Film studies provide me different perspectives to perceive the temperature of the world, to relate myself to others, and to listen to myself.

Why Animation? --When it is a reflection of the human being. Animation mirrors of our inner world. It is a medium for us to express, to communicate, to share, to feel, and to realize those we can only imagine in the real world.

Photographed at Berkeley by Kun Li

Philadelphia. Photographed by Xingjian Han

Cal Club Tennis Class of 2018. Photographed by André C. Luu

Alaska. Photographed by Xingjian Han

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