Jessie Han

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Boston University, advised by Prof. Emily Whiting in Shape Lab. I received my B.A. degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley. During my senior year, I was honored to work with Prof. Carlo H. Séquin at the EECS department on geometric modeling. Prior to joining the Shape Lab, I was honored to work with Prof. Chenfanfu Jiang at the SIG Center for Computer Graphics at the University of Pennsylvania on fluid simulation. 

My research interests include physics-based animation, geometry processing, and computational fabrication for computer graphics.

Photographed at Berkeley by Kun Li

Philadelphia. Photographed by Xingjian Han

Cal Club Tennis Class of 2018. Photographed by André C. Luu

Alaska. Photographed by Xingjian Han

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