Jessie Han


I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Boston University, advised by Prof. Emily Whiting in Shape Lab. I received my B.A. degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley. During my senior year, I was honored to work with Prof. Carlo H. Séquin at the EECS department on geometric modeling. Prior to joining the Shape Lab, I was honored to work with Prof. Chenfanfu Jiang at the SIG Center for Computer Graphics at the University of Pennsylvania on fluid simulation. 

My research interests include physics-based animation, geometry processing, and computational fabrication for computer graphics.

Photographed at Berkeley by Kun Li

IMG_9029 2.jpg

Philadelphia. Photographed by Xingjian Han


Cal Club Tennis Class of 2018. Photographed by André C. Luu


Alaska. Photographed by Xingjian Han